Sustainable Bays project

Purpose of the project: To increase the environmental sustainability of the communities of Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant and Heathcote Valley by:

  • Enhancing and encouraging participation in community gardening/food forests and other food related initiatives.
  • Reducing waste (e.g. reducing the use of plastic, community composting etc.)
  • Supporting predator-free initiatives (both existing and new)
  • Supporting other local environmental initiatives where appropriate
  • Developing capacity within existing volunteer and TimeBanking networks to run a programme on a long term basis.


  • Increased community participation in local food-related projects
    – Food forests
    – Community gardens
  • Reduced waste – e.g. fewer plastic bags being used, community composting
  • A reduction in predator species and pests (possums, feral cats, rabbits etc.)
  • An increase in native birdlife
  • An even stronger sense of community.

Contact Robin Arnold on 021 188 4494 or email