30 April 2019 newsletter

Hi everyone,

It has been a busy year so far and winter is coming.

Older Persons’ Project
Our wonderful Older Persons’ Worker, Maree McGovern, is going down to part time hours as of 27 May 2019. She will continue to provide social work services to our community. If you are interested in volunteering or TimeBanking hours towards this project, please let me know. We have established a steering group for this project – a big thank you to Christine Toner, Liza Sparrow, Liz Goodrich, Deborah Rhode, and Kathy Bartlett for being willing to be part of this group, along with Maree and I. We are seeking more volunteers to assist with outings, including organising outings two months out of three, and assisting with movie afternoons and transport to our coffee groups. If this sounds like you, let me know.

Loopy Tunes
Loopy Tunes is up and running again for term 2.
Sumner: 9.30am in Puoro-raki, upstairs in the Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre
Redcliffs: 10.30 am in the Port Hills Uniting Parish church hall at 4 Augusta Street
Cost: $2 per child

Sustainable Bays
The paid part of the Sustainable Bays project has wound up, and what an impact!
We’ve seen significant increases in participation in Predator Free projects and the development of connections across the Port Hills for the projects. Predator Free projects exist in Mt Pleasant and Redcliffs now as well as in Sumner. The Mt Pleasant Farmers Market is now a hub for Bays area Predator Free projects.
The Christchurch City Libraries Seed Week and Great Seed Swap was a collaborative effort in Sumner, between Sumner School garden, Sumner Community Gardens & Food Forest, and Predator Free Sumner, which held a trap making workshop there.
Around 60 people attended a trap making workshop in Mt Pleasant and over 100 traps were made. The materials for the traps were cut to size by people at the Redcliffs Community Shed.
Over 100 people attended the Edible Paradise movie night. Other movie events attracted between 20 and 40 people.
The Sumner Food Forest has been returned to its original intent of a food forest (a permaculture concept) rather than just an orchard with the assistance of Niki Jones. A number of new faces have attended working bees in the Food Forest.
It’s exciting to see Mt Pleasant starting a community garden. We hope you were inspired by the great work of the Sustainable Bays project.

What is most exciting to me are the numbers of connections between groups that did not exist in such a strong way before, if at all.  A big thank you to Robin Arnold for facilitating this project.

From our community: 

Redcliffs Community Shed
The Shed is open three days a week:
Monday & Wednesday: 10 am – 2 pm
Friday: 9.30 am – 2 pm

Sumner Skate Project Consultation
This is a unique opportunity not to be missed as we MUST get it right for future generations.

DATE: Wednesday, 8 May – drop in between 6pm-7.30pm
LOCATION: Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre
EVENT LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/357913078400466/

As you’ll be aware, the land beside the old Marine Tavern site is to be developed into the Bays Area Skate Project.
Funding has been approved and this project will begin in 2020.
• Find out more about the skate project here: https://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/53.

The opportunity now exists for our skate/surf/local community to work with and tell park designer Richard from Rich Landscapes exactly what they’d like to do within the space allocated for a skate park.
• Find out about Rich Landscapes here: http://www.richlandscapes.co.nz/

You may also be aware that after years of negotiating Sumner Green and Skate have successfully managed to get the vacant land next to 26 Nayland St earmarked for a village green (replacing the much-loved space where the Sumner Centre is now sited). Their aim was to prevent that land from being developed for residential/commercial use. However, currently 20 Nayland St is indicated in the Sumner Master Plan as a public carpark.

We now must find out what the community would like to do with this land

Ideas mooted to date are a playground, market space, community garden, walkway through to the new bowling club.
Although Council does not have funding to complete work in this area Sumner Green and Skate believe it is important that both spaces are designed as one useable space and not as silos as with much of our prior village developments.

It is, therefore, our intention to ask our community to front up on the 8th May to find out more and to share what they’d like to be developed.

Local ideas and opinions are vital to the success of this project
So for those who can’t make the workshop, there are many ways to get in touch and give feedback:
• Christchurch City Council Skate Park Team email
• Sumner Green and Skate Facebook page
• Council Have Your Say Facebook page here
• Sumner Hub email
hub@sumnerresidents.co.nz – or by calling Liza on 021 815 051

We welcome your suggestions and feedback before 5pm on Monday 20 May.

Redcliffs Residents Association AGM and talk
Looking forward to seeing you all at tonight’s meeting on 30th April at the Function Centre, 9 James Street, at 7.30pm.

Tristan Wadsworth has been doing archeological excavations at the site for the new Redcliffs School and will tell us all what they have found in his talk “Hangi and Moa: the archeology of the 14th century Redcliffs Flat village”

Here are the background papers for tomorrow’s AGM, to reduce the carbon footprint and the strain on our printer. Your chance to question the committee and maybe join it. The current committee members have agreed to continue but additional members would be welcome and nominations close 5pm today – email or phone us on 376 6133.

Warm regards,

Eddie Hayes
Sumner Bays Union Trust
Community Development Team Leader