5 February 2014 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

It’s already February and the year is well on its way. There are some changes in locations for projects this year as the Uniting Parish’s Redcliffs premises is back up and running. It looks great there too!

Sumner Bays Union Trust and the Bridge2Rocks Timebank have formally agreed to work in partnership and a memorandum of understanding between the two groups is in the process of being signed. This is a great project and Liz and the management committee are doing a great job getting it up and running. The concept is simple – time is the currency which is traded and everyone’s time is equal. You might do an hour’s gardening for someone, and bank an hour in the Timebank, which you can use to buy someone else’s time. Not everyone uses their Timebank credits and you can choose to give your credits to the Community Chest which enables people who are unable to accrue time credits to receive assistance. The Lyttelton Timebank is a very good example of a well organised, successful and very active Timebank.

Sumner Tea & Talk is going to offer regular guest speakers in 2014. My thanks to the volunteers who run this programme on a rostered basis. I really appreciate the work they put in. If anyone knows of someone who might enjoy the opportunity to come out on a Monday morning, 10.30 – 11.30 am to the Sumner Community Centre (Old school hall, Wiggins Street) and have a cup of tea or coffee with a friendly group of people, let them know it is on. We can arrange someone to pick up people who wish to attend.

Redcliffs Community Shed’s workshops reopen on Monday 10 February from 10 am – 3 pm under the experienced supervision of Dave Kennedy.

The Shed’s Arts & Crafts workshops recommence on Wednesday 12 February from 10 am – 12 pm

I haven’t got a firm date for the Men’s Night’s recommencement yet. Contact Bruce Reilly bruce.reilly@xtra.co.nz or Neville Dell  384-8440 or nevdell@xtra.co.nz to find out.

Mini Music resumed last week at Sumner in the Sumner Community Centre’s kitchen. The Redcliffs session of Mini Music will be relocating to the Redcliffs Union Church hall (note – the hall not the church itself this time) as of Thursday 13 February, 9.30 am.

Redcliffs Coffee & Conversation will relocate to the Redcliffs Union Church hall next Thursday 13 February, 10.30 am – 12 noon and will operate from there for the rest of year (excluding public holidays and roughly 3 weeks over Christmas).

The Redcliffs Public Library has given the OK Corral Scooter Park permission to relocate to the old library site at 91 Main Road. Reg Dalley is looking for someone to seal the front of the site for this purpose. If you can assist us by sealing it or paying for it to be sealed, please let Reg or I know. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can reopen the extremely popular scooter park. The Library is willing to allow the Scooter Park to remain on site until construction is underway and then it will be reviewed.

Pencil in Thursday 11 December 2014 for the next Community Carols. The Senior Expo’s 2014 date is to be confirmed.

The Rockers of Ages Choir welcomes more singers. They meet on Wednesday mornings from 10.30 am – 12.30 pm at the Sumner Bridge Club.