Bays Area Seniors’ Project

Bays Area Seniors’ Project

The Bays Area Senior’s Project  group is a collective which consists of the following organisations and community representatives:

  • Sumner Bays Union Trust
  • Sumner Community Residents’ Association
  • Redcliffs Residents’ Association
  • Mt Pleasant Community Centre & Residents’ Association
  • Heathcote Valley Community Association
  • Lyttelton Community House Trust 
  • Woolston Development Project 
  • Linwood Central Heathcote Community Governance team
  • Matuku Takotako: Sumner Library

We welcome anyone who cares about our seniors (including seniors themselves) to join us.

Our mission

To enhance well-being and connectedness and reduce social isolation among seniors in the Bays area (Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Heathcote Valley, Lyttelton, and Woolston)

Our Strategic Objectives:

  • Facilitating connections
  • Sharing information across our areas
  • Linking seniors with groups, services and activities.
  • Coordinating and collaborating in our approach

Our Intended Outcomes

  • Increased participation among seniors in activities/groups
  • Collaboration between organisations operating in the Bays area
  • Individuals in our communities know of the choices and opportunities for social connection.

Our project is designed to support seniors in several ways:

  • Social work support – carried out by social workers based in Sumner and Lyttelton
  • Supporting our local residents to be good neighbours to their senior neighbours
  • To highlight opportunities to get involved in social activities in our local community.