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Welcome to Sumner Bays Union Trust Learning Exchange. It’s still in the development stages at the moment and we’d love your help in creating it. 

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What is a Learning Exchange?

A learning exchange is a community-led form of education and skills swapping. It allows people with skills or knowledge of a certain topic to teach their skills to other people.

It works on the principle of reciprocity and the belief that everyone has a skill worth sharing.

How does it work?

The learning exchange, when set up, will provide a structure for people to plan and deliver learning events. Teaching is voluntary, or can be exchanged for time bank hours. 

If you want to deliver a learning event, through the learning exchange, you will be able to:

  • find a suitable venue and book a learning event
  • promote a learning event/attract learners
  • get help and tips on planning and delivering a successful session
  • claim back the cost of materials 

The exchange will also allow people to:

  • request/suggest courses and workshops they’d be interested in learning
  • take courses/workshops for low or no cost 

What kind of courses will run?

The courses that the Learning Exchange can run are limited only by our imagination. That’s why, as a starter, we’re surveying to find out what people are interested in, and what people can teach. 

Here are just a few suggestions/requests for workshops we’ve already had from initial conversations with people:

  • Te Reo Maori – learning your mihi
  • Filling out a tax return
  • Basic sewing and mending
  • How to back a trailer
  • Basic principles of photography
  • Macrame workshop
  • Natural cleaning solutions for your home
  • Fundraising
  • Gender identity
  • Plant-based cooking
  • Companion planting

That’s just a few ideas. The beauty of a learning exchange is, you don’t have to be a professional to share your passion. 

How you can help

Right now, you can help by completing this survey, to help give us an idea of how a learning exchange can best serve our local community. 

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You can also help by: 

  • Sharing the survey with your friends and networks 
  • Getting in touch with learning@sumnerbays.org.nz if you have a great idea for a course, or know of a venue which could be used

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Eve on 0210 262 0661