Newsletter 1 December 2016

 Hello everyone,
The year is moving fast towards its end – and it’s been a crazy one, what with the American election, a litany of famous people dying, and, to top it off, earthquakes!  In my work it has been a very satisfying year, fortunately.

Sumner Bays Union Trust held its 8th Annual General Meeting on 16 November 2016. We said farewell to Denny Richardson who has very ably chaired the Trust board since early 2011, and elected to retire from it at this year’s AGM. We will miss Denny greatly. Deirdre Johns was elected the Trust board chair at that meeting. Jon Harcourt was re-elected treasurer unopposed, and Lydia MacKinnon, Peter Croft and Deborah Rhode were re-elected trustees. We welcomed Susan Kaschula onto the trust board for the first time. Susan has been involved in the Sumner Community Garden and Food Forest for a long time and it is good to have representation from projects on the trust board. It was great to hear from Linwood College principal Richard Edmundson at the AGM regarding the ongoing work towards a figurative and literal redevelopment of the school.

Earlier in November, we said goodbye to the wonderful Liz Kerslake who has led the Bridge2Rocks TimeBank in a voluntary and paid capacity as coordinator over the past few years. The equally wonderful Robin Arnold, who has worked as coordinator alongside Liz over the past couple of years has stepped up to take the full fourteen hours as Bridge2Rocks TimeBank coordinator  We heard at the AGM about the way TimeBank members rallied in the immediate wake of the Kaikōura earthquake to assist with looking after evacuees coming up Mt Pleasant following the tsunami warning. This shows just how powerful a tool a TimeBank can be. It’s more than a tool – it’s a way of creating connections between people.

Sumner Bays Union Trust’s annual Sumner Redcliffs Community Carols is next Thursday 8 December in the Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club’s grounds, starting at 6.30 pm. A big thank you to Eddie Simon for being willing to lead the singing this year. As always, it features the Sumner Silver Band, and this year special guest Yulia Townsend will be performing. I have it on good authority that Santa is using a fire engine this year, too…

An undeniable fact is that Sumner Bays Union Trust relies largely on donations and grants (for which we are very grateful) from philanthropic and government sources to undertake its day to day work. Funding is becoming increasingly challenging to obtain, and this is the experience across the not for profit sector. Without this funding, Sumner Bays Union Trust would not be able to support the large number of activities that fall under its umbrella, and nor would staff like myself, Cathy (Mini Music tutor), and Robin (Bridge2Rocks TimeBank coordinator) be able to be retained. Would you like to donate? Sumner Bays Union Trust is always willing to accept donations from the general public (individuals, families, and businesses) and because we are a registered charity, we can provide receipts for tax purposes. Details on how to make a donation are on our website, and donations would be gratefully received.

Last but not least, some end dates for 2016:
Tuesday 13 December and Thursday 15 December are the last sessions for Mini Music in Sumner and Redcliffs respectively.
Our final Coffee & Conversation group will be held on Thursday 15 December and our final Tea & Talk group will be held on Monday 19 December.
Tea & Talk will resume on Monday 16 January and Coffee & Conversation will resume on Thursday 19 January 2017.

Warm regards,
Eddie Hayes
Community Development Worker