Newsletter 7 March 2019

Hi everyone,

I’ve had my head down doing funding applications for much of the last few months and have relied heavily on Facebook for disseminating news to the community. While Facebook is a great tool for those of us younger people, I do realise that not everyone is au fait with that as a form of communication. I intend to send out more newsletters from now on.

Bridge2Rocks TimeBank
Robin and Dean have been holding regular drop in mornings during term time at the Heathcote Valley Community Centre, which has led to TimeBank members getting to know one another much better. Additionally, Maree and I met with Robin and Dean to look how TimeBank could support the Older Persons’ Project.

Older Persons’ Project
Maree has hit the ground running again this year. She is holding regular movie afternoons, outings, and other events, and is currently working with around 40 clients and a range of other older adults.
We are keen to get together a team of people (TimeBank members and volunteers) to support the Older Persons’ Project to ensure it remains sustainable in the long-term. This is a work in progress. Big thanks to Deborah Rhode for instigating a Walking Group meeting at the Sumner Hub. 

Loopy Tunes
Loopy Tunes has kicked off to a busy start, with Sumner boasting the larger group as usual, and Redcliffs having the more intimate group. A big thank you to Jackie and Shirley for volunteering at the Redcliffs session and Jasmine for volunteering at the Sumner session. Sessions are held in Puoro-raki, Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre at 9.30am and in the hall at the Port Hills Uniting Parish’s Church in Redcliffs at 10.30am. on Tuesdays. As always, Siu and Leah are fantastic tutors.

Sustainability Project
Robin has been busy piloting a Learning Exchange over the last couple of months. This project was piloted under the umbrella of the Sustainable Bays project and partnered with the TimeBank to run four events over January/February, which included a learning exchange on the subject of electric vehicles (thanks Jo Sutherland and Keith Jenkin), on recycling and waste minimisation (thanks Anthea Madill), on eco-renovation (thanks Dave Bryce), and another event relating to sustainability This is a video relating to the Eco-Renovation learning exchange event.

Next week the Sustainable Bays Project, in partnership with Remix Plastics and the Bridge2Rocks TimeBank presents The Clean Bin Project.

It is a busy time of year with annual funding rounds beginning to open. Despite this, we continue to look for creative ways to support our community. If you have a great idea that you wish to be the champion for, let us know.

Warm regards,
Eddie Hayes
Community Development Team Leader