Newsletter July 25 2013

Sumner Bays Union Trust Newsletter 25 July 2013

Hello everyone,

It is strange that we’re not the ones on the shaky ground at present. It has been a while since I’ve written a newsletter so there are a few things to update.

Redcliffs Community Shed has official workshop opening hours now. You can come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am – 3 pm, and a supervisor should be there. You are welcome to drop in at other times to visit. I may be here – I am in the office 8 am – 3 pm roughly, although I am out and about in the community some of the time, so it may pay to ring me first.

A massive THANK YOU to Russell Irving and Ferrymead Rotary for suggesting that we apply for funds for the Redcliffs Community Shed’s new flyer from the Rotary Neighbourhood Project Fund. The fund generously donated us $500 for their production. The flyers will be heading out into letterboxes around the community shortly.

Mini Music will resume for term three next week. There are no changes to the Sumner venue – we are using the temporary community centre kitchen on Tuesday mornings at 9.30 am – and we will be using the Redcliffs Tennis Club building where the Redcliffs Public Library is currently located on Thursday mornings. Thank you very much to the Tennis Club and the Library for hosting us. We hope to return to the Redcliffs Uniting Church when the earthquake repairs there are completed – there is no time frame set for this as yet.

The Sumner Silver Band is rehearsing in the Redcliffs Bowling Club on Thursday evenings.

Regular arts and crafts workshops are being held in the Redcliffs Community Shed arts & crafts room on alternate Wednesday evenings. Two card-making workshops have been run recently as well as a floral art workshop. Big thanks to Wendy Rendle for all her work organising these and to Wendy Dillon for teaching the card-making workshops.

Sumner Tea & Talk continues to run in the temporary community centre (old school hall building) on Wiggins Street each Monday morning from 10.30 – 11.30 am.  It is an enjoyable morning – thank you to Lydia, Baden, Therese, Brenda, and Karen for volunteering. We need more volunteers so if you are interested, please let me know. It’s pretty relaxed and can be a lot of fun. If you know of someone who might enjoy some conversation and morning tea, please do bring them along.

The Wednesday Men’s Group is up and running and going very well, with an average of eight blokes each session. It runs every second Wednesday evening – and there was a session last night. At the moment the guys are building a stitch-and-tape dinghy as well as some friendly darts matches and table tennis. Did I forget to mention Bruce Reilly’s homebrew? There’s homebrew as well, and sometimes even beer bread thanks to Neville Dell.

Lately you may have seen some paintings up on the walls of the Shed’s arts & crafts room. About every fortnight Wendy Rendle is organising an art display of local people’s artworks. So far Dorothy Curtis and Bill Beere have held art displays. Each artist has a two-hour opening on a Friday night and then may leave their art on site for a fortnight if they would like to do so. It has definitely brought the space alive and many people have admired it.

From the Christchurch City Council:

“Main Road to Shag Rock road closure.

Main Road to Sumner at Shag Rock Reserve will be closed overnight for up to five nights between 10.30pm and 5.30am starting Sunday 28 July.

The closure is needed to allow shipping containers to be shifted back so that new cycleways can be installed. A detour will be in place up Evans Pass Road, Summit Road and through to Mount Pleasant during the closures

The temporary Ferrymead Bridge resurfacing

The temporary Ferrymead Bridge will be resurfaced to reduce noise and be easier on vehicles. A stop/go traffic system is planned to start on Sunday 28 July at 8pm.

Christchurch City Council contractors will be installing an additional layer of timber running planks on both of the temporary bridges. The timber planks will have a chip seal coating. These planks will be screwed to the existing timber deck by hand, so to install the planks and surfacing safely, the works will be undertaken at night, one bridge at a time. ”

The next council facilitated Ferrymead Forum will be held at Mt Pleasant School on Monday 29 July at 6.30 pm. There will be speakers from Mt Pleasant School/Friday Night on the Hill (Martin Anderson), the Sumner Master Plan (Miranda Charles – CCC) and the Main Road Causeway repairs (SCIRT/Fulton & Hogan).

Has anyone else spotted the notification from New World Redcliffs as part of the Sale of Liquor Act licencing requirements up on the fence of the New World site? That looks like they are making progress – and then there is the article on the front page of Bay Harbour News. Promising!

I will be on annual leave for one week beginning 5 August so I will be unavailable for any work related matters that week. Hope the fine weather continues!

Warm regards,

Eddie Hayes