Older Persons’ Social Work Support

Sumner Bays Union Trust has the only dedicated Older Persons’ Worker, a registered social worker, in the Taylors Mistake to Heathcote Valley area She has 27 clients in the area stretching from Sumner to Heathcote Valley. You or your family/whānau member or neighbour or friend, or even someone you bump into now and again could benefit from our social worker’s support.

What kinds of support does our Older Persons’ Worker offer?

Our Older Persons’ Worker will assist the client to identify what kind of support they need. This may include:

  • Access to home help, personal care, meals on wheels and similar
  • Access to respite care or assistance in identifying a rest home or retirement village which might meet their needs for longer term care.
  • Assistance attending medical appointments
  • Assistance accessing specific support services, including agencies which provide specialised support: for example, the Stroke Foundation, Dementia Canterbury, Foundation for the Blind, Age Concern and similar
  • Support for carers
  • Assistance connecting to and participating in social activities. Our Older Persons’ Worker runs regular outings and movie afternoons and will connect people to our community projects as well as the activities provided by other organisations

Our Older Persons’ Worker will also monitor cases of suspected or potential elder abuse, providing support to the client and those around them.

How do you refer someone to our Older Persons’ Project?

  • Self-referrals are welcome
  • Referrals from medical professionals
  • Referrals from family/whānau, friends, neighbours, or concerned acquaintances
  • Referrals from other community agencies and the District Health Board.

How do you contact us?

Ring Maree on (03) 376-4020 or 027 327 4493 or email maree@sumnerbays.org.nz