Our Team

Sumner Bays Union Trust is a charitable trust registered with Charities Services.

Sumner Bays Union Trust Board
Deirdre Johns: Chair
Liz Goodrich: Treasurer
Lydia MacKinnon: Trustee, Port Hills Uniting Parish representative
Peter Croft: Trustee, Sumner Silver Band representative
Deborah Rhode: Trustee
Susan Kaschula: Trustee, Sumner Community Gardens & Food Forest representative
Mark Gibson: Trustee

Eddie Hayes
: Community Development Team Leader
Maree McGovern: Older Persons’ Worker
Dean Harliwich: Bridge2Rocks TimeBank Coordinator
Siu Williams-Lemi: and Leah Williams-Partington Loopy Tunes music and movement programme tutors
Canterbury Permaculture Institute: Food Forest Learning Exchange Coordination
Eve Wingerath: Learning Exchange Coordinator