SBUT Newsletter 27 November 2013

Hi everyone,

It’s a busy time of year so I will get right to it.

Sumner Bays Union Trust held its fifth annual general meeting on 13 November 2013. Denny Richardson was re-elected unopposed as chair, Bruce Reilly was re-elected unopposed as treasurer. Malcolm Moore, Peter Croft, Lydia MacKinnon and Vicki Hyde were re-elected as board members. We said good bye to Mary Moore who stepped down from the board after three years or more of service. We welcomed Rev. Neil Keesing (minister, Port Hills Uniting Parish) onto the board. Thank you very much Mary for your wisdom and support over the last three years; it has been very much appreciated.

From the Sumner Community Residents Association: The Great Sumner Picnic is this Sunday 1 December at St Leonard’s Square, 12 – 4 pm. Food and gift stalls, bouncy castle, tug of war, agility circuit, donkey rides, water slide, teddy bear picnic, face painting, lolly scramble and much more. Featuring music by the Sumner Silver Band, Izzy Miller Bell, AfterShock, Shayna King, and Shag Rock. Bring a rug and picnic, catch up with neighbours and meet new ones.

The Senior Expo was held on Friday 8 November at the Sumner Uniting Church complex. Thank you very much to everyone who held displays at the event. The later time (12.30 – 2.30 pm) seemed to be problematic as visitor numbers were low this year. It should be noted, however, that some of the people holding displays were quite pleased with the networking they were able to undertake during the course of the afternoon. If anyone has any ideas/expertise in marketing events, please let me know. While I did market this event in multiple ways (paid advertisement in Bay Harbour News, Sumner Community newsletter, posters, sign on Main Road, this newsletter and the Sumner Bays Union Trust website), perhaps there are other avenues that would be more effective and I am open to suggestions.

Sumner-Redcliffs Community Carols is being held on Thursday 12 December 2013 at Sumner School. Entry is off Dryden Street near Sumner Kindergarten. The massed singing commences at an earlier time of 6.30 pm and there will be a community barbecue operating from 6 pm. The award winning Sumner Silver Band, Sumner School Choir, and the Christchurch School of Music’s Primary School Outreach Concert Band (Redcliffs School students) will be performing.

The Art in Space exhibition commences in the Redcliffs Shed at 99c Main Road on Friday 29 November 2013. Previous exhibitions have been well attended and the quality of work has been high.

End of Year Break Ups

Mini Music finishes in Sumner on the Tuesday prior to school breaking up and in Redcliffs on the Thursday prior.

The final Coffee & Conversation for the year will be held on Thursday 19 December.

The final Tea & Talk for the year will be held on Monday 16 December.

The Sumner Bays Union Trust office will close at 3 pm on Friday 20 December 2013.

New Year

The office of Sumner Bays Union Trust will reopen at 8 am on Monday 13 January 2014

Tea & Talk will resume on Monday 13 January 2014

Coffee & Conversation will resume on Thursday 16 January.

Mini Music will resume on the first Tuesday and the first Thursday following the beginning of the first school term.

I’ll put out another email newsletter prior to Christmas.

Warm regards,