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Sumner Bays Union Trust Newsletter 2 May 2013

Hello everyone,
Hope you’re enjoying the nice autumn weather.
Coming Up

Redcliffs Community Shed Public Meeting: This Saturday, 2 pm, 99c Main Road, Redcliffs. Come and find out what happens at the Shed. We will have membership forms available for people to fill out.

Congratulations to Reg and Rena Dalley for all their hard work around our community. Watch One News’ Good Sorts segment this Sunday 5 May 2013.

** A few changes for term 2

Mini Music Redcliffs will be relocating to the Redcliffs Public Library (the Tennis Club building) at 75 Main Road for term two due to repairs being undertaken at the Union Church. Sessions will remain the same day and time – 9.30 am on Thursdays – and same high quality and fun session.
Coffee & Conversation will be relocating to the Redcliffs Community Shed arts & crafts space on Thursday mornings, 10.30 am.
Rockers of Ages Choir will recommence practices at the Sumner Union Church on Nayland Street during term two while the repairs are underway at the Redcliffs Union Church. 10.30am – 12.30pm, Wednesdays.
Sumner Silver Band has commenced practices in the Redcliffs Bowling Club on Thursday evenings.

** It’s great to see so many people involved in craft groups in our local community

Mother Hubbard’s Craft Co-op is running Friday mornings from 9.30 am – 12.30 pm in Redcliffs Community Shed. Everyone welcome.
Redcliffs Craft Group is running on Thursday afternoons, 1 – 3 pm at Win’s house, 1 Bayview Road. Everyone welcome
Create’n’Connect Craft Group runs on Thursday mornings at St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Main Road (run by members of Sumner-Redcliffs Anglican Parish)

** Key Relationships

Sumner Bays Union Trust is supporting a range of projects around Sumner and Redcliffs and there are many people involved. There are a range of relationships between projects and the Trust and for clarity these are outlined below.

Groups directly run by Sumner Bays Union Trust (via me as staff member): In reality there is only really one group that is directly run by me on behalf of Sumner Bays Union Trust, and that is Redcliffs Coffee & Conversation. By run, in this instance I mean the day to day set up and pack up and purchasing of refreshments. When I’m away, there are volunteers who kindly run it.

Groups facilitated by Sumner Bays Union Trust (via me as staff member) – this includes Sumner Tea & Talk, Mini Music, the Senior Expo and Sumner-Redcliffs Community Carols. I don’t do all the work – the vast majority of the work is done by a wonderful group of volunteers. I do organise the roster and the use of the venue for Tea & Talk, but after that, it’s the volunteers. Mini Music is run in a similar fashion – the Trust takes responsibility for ensuring that there is an appropriate tutor and venue, and the tutor and often parents or caregivers take care of other things. We have been very fortunate to find exceptional tutors in Beth and Cathy (and our relief tutor, Kim). Similarly, while I organise the Senior Expo, it is the people from the various organisations and/or agencies who make it what it is. Community Carols couldn’t happen without the various groups and individuals who work very hard to create such a great community event. I organise the venue and work together
with a team of volunteers and musical directors who put together the programme and run the event that evening. Without these volunteers or musical directors – Paul (Sumner-Redcliffs Anglican Parish), Peter (Sumner Silver Band), Robyn (Sumner School Choir) and Maree (Christchurch School of Music) – there would be no carols event.

Groups supported and resourced by Sumner Bays Union Trust – this comprises the vast majority of the projects that are under the auspices of Sumner Bays Union Trust. The Sumner-van Asch Community Garden has developed its own leadership – the Trust accesses funds and provides support where needed. Bailey, Lucy, Liz, Kathryn, Susan and the rest of the team are doing a fantastic job. They have even managed to extend the garden in order to create an urban food forest. Redcliffs Community Shed has a steering committee that manages the day to day running of the Shed, chaired by Reg. Like the Sumner-van Asch Community Garden, the volunteers play the primary role in running the project, and the Trust helps where needed to access funds and provide support. Most of these projects are, in practice, virtually autonomous except regarding the signing of legal contracts and funding. The Sumner Silver Band, for example, has its own structure which has been successfully operating for many
years; however, the Trust assists by providing a legal umbrella in order to access funding for hall rental and equipment.

A group partially resourced by Sumner Bays Union Trust – the Sumner/Redcliffs part of Rockers of Ages Choir is a partnership between The Muse Community Trust and Sumner Bays Union Trust. They organise just about everything except for the venue and SBUT pays the hall rental.

The Trust is the legal entity. Regarding funding and governance, the Trust board has the responsibility of making sure that all funding is spent appropriately and that the Trust meets all legal requirements. This includes meeting the requirements of the Charities Commission, the Societies Office, the Inland Revenue Department and various funding bodies. When dealing with the charitable dollar, the requirements are stringent.

Groups that don’t come under the auspices of Sumner Bays Union Trust – these are all the other local community groups that the Trust comes into contact with. There’s a wide range of these groups and we work together with many of them. These groups do some fantastic work in our community. In reality, the Trust is one of many groups doing great community stuff, and it is important to see it in this context.

I have provided this summary to clarify these key types of relationships and to ensure that people understand that the projects running under the auspices of the Trust are primarily volunteer-led with the Trust providing support and resources where required. Without the volunteers – including the trust board itself, we would have no projects. It’s as simple as that. The Trust board itself is a group of people elected each year at what is usually a public annual general meeting.

Warm regards,
Eddie Hayes
Community Development Worker

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