Sumner Bays Union Trust newsletter February 29, 2012

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_Sumner Bays Union Trust Newsletter February 29 2012_

Hi everyone,

This year has got off to a good start with a lot of things happening in our
community, although summer seems to have barely appeared this year.

The _Redcliffs-on-Sea Community Hub_ AKA community shed is rapidly taking
shape under the experienced eye of Reg Dalley as foreman. We have been
discussing starting a youth mentoring programme as part of the core work of
the hub, so watch this space for developments.

The _Redcliffs-on-Sea Community Information Centre_ continues to support
people in this community. Congratulations to our information centre
coordinator _Fletcher Stanton _for receiving an earthquake award! Well done
to _Marnie Kent_ from Sumner too!

_Coffee & Conversation _is attracting a broader group of people these days.
This runs each Thursday from 10.30 am – 12 noon within the Redcliffs Union
Church. We chat, joke, drink good coffee and generally enjoy ourselves in a
very congenial atmosphere. Everyone is always welcome to join us.

The _Redcliffs Craft Group _is continuing to run each Thursday afternoon 1
– 3 pm at 1 Bayview Road. Everyone is welcome to join in. Contact: Win
384-2765 for further information.

_Mini Music Sumner _has returned to its old time of 9.30 am on school term
Tuesdays at its new location of the kitchen in the Old School Hall on
Wiggins Street. Many thanks to Baden Melhuish for welcoming us so warmly.

_Mini Music Redcliffs_ continues in the Redcliffs Union Church each
Thursday, 9.30 am.

All parents/caregivers with preschool aged children are welcome to bring
them along to either session. We sing and dance, use musical instruments,
and generally have a lot of fun. Afterwards we have morning tea which
provides time for parents/caregivers to catch up and children to play. It
costs $3 per child or $5 for a family (2 or more children). _Contact_: Cathy
on 326-7576 for further information.

The _Rockers of Ages_ choir continues to meet in the Sumner Union Church on
Wednesdays, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm, directed by The Muse Community Music
Trust’s Nikki Berry and Gary Easterbrook.

The_ Sumner Silver Band_ meets on Thursday evenings in the Redcliffs Union
Church. If you would like to listen to them practise, you are warmly welcome
to attend. It meets from 7 pm.

_Redcliffs Community Garden_ has fortnightly working bees in the garden
behind the Union Church. _Contact_: Warren [3] or Bailey on

_Van Asch Community Garden_ has regular working bees. _Contact_ Bailey for
information. Everyone is welcome subject to being willing to undergo a
police check as this is part of the arrangement with Van Asch Deaf Education
Centre. The garden has existing raised beds and a tunnel house.

The _Local Food Project _is coordinated by Bailey Peryman and broadly
encompasses the Van Asch and Redcliffs gardens and other local food
activities in the community.

_Computing @ Redcliffs_ is happening on Wednesday mornings. If you would
like to book in for a class with our tutor Lydia MacKinnon, please give her
a ring on 326-5601. You may bring your own laptop or use one of the laptops
that are available on site. It meets in the Redcliffs Union Church.

Today I would like to mention a few of the groups and organisations with
whom Sumner Bays Union Trust collaborates on projects.

In Redcliffs, we support the _Redcliffs Information Centre_ which was the
initiative of Vicki and Peter Hyde in the immediate aftermath of the
February 22 2011 earthquake. We work together in any way we can. A good
example was the Neighbourhood Week barbecue which ran on Saturday 5 November
2011, which attracted around 100 people to Redcliffs Park. _Ferrymead Lions_
were also instrumental in their support of this BBQ. The _Redcliffs-on-Sea
Community Hub_ which is in the process of being set up will include a _youth
mentoring scheme_ which we can work in partnership with _Fuse Youth Café_ in
Sumner. _Mini Music Redcliffs _was kindly given the use of musical
instruments and a parachute by a previous music and movement group that once
ran in Redcliffs. _Coffee & Conversation _is a partnership with the
Redcliffs Union Church and we are grateful that the Union Parish allows us
to use their land for the _Redcliffs Community Garden_.

In Sumner, we work in partnership with the _Muse Community Music Trust_ on
_Rockers of Ages_. The _Van Asch Community Garden_ is a partnership between
_Sumner Bays Union Trust_, the L_ocal Food Group,_ _Sumner Community
Group/Residents Association_ and _Van Asch Deaf Education Centre._ We share
some resources with the _Sumner Playgroup_ – thank you for leaving us your
milk and left over refreshments after your Monday session! _Sumner Redcliffs
Community Carols_ was largely organised by Paul Costley and a team from the
_Sumner Redcliffs Anglican Parish_ in partnership with the _Sumner Silver
Band_, _Sumner School_ choir and the _Christchurch School of Music’s_
primary school concert band. The _Christchurch City Council’s_ staff team in
the Hagley Ferrymead ward as well as the _Hagley Ferrymead Community Board_
are very supportive of our work out here. I look forward more closely with
the _Redcliffs Library _and the _Redcliffs Residents Association _this year.

The Trust is always open to new ideas and new ways of working in the
community. Let us know if there’s anything in particular you would like to
see happening.

Warm regards,

Eddie Hayes

Community Development Worker

Sumner Bays Union Trust
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