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Newsletter Thursday 21 May 2020

Kia ora!

With life at Alert Level 2 now, Maree and I returned to working from the office this week. However, with the limit on gathering size and unavailability of some of our usual venues, life is far from normal.

Tea & Talk is on. This is subject to the group remaining below 10 and appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices in place. We ran it out of our office on Monday and everyone was told to bring their own refreshments. We hope to run it upstairs again this coming Monday at 10.30am upstairs in the Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre (if this is permissible by council) with the following safeguards in place:

  • Physical distancing where we sit at the table. This won’t be difficult to maintain as the table is large.
  • Only one person touches the coffee plunger and milk bottle and pours it for everyone without touching the mugs.
  • Everyone handles their own mug only.
  • Individual plates for biscuits and the like.
  • Use of instant hand sanitiser/regular hand washing.

Coffee & Conversation will not be resuming for a while yet. The Port Hills Uniting Parish’s Redcliffs Uniting Church venue will not be open to the public until it is possible for the church people to hold their services there once again. This is completely understandable and I acknowledge the effort their leadership is making to avoid putting their elderly parishioners at risk from COVID-19.

Loopy Tunes is online only at this point. Leah wrote:

“Siu and I have decided to not start up our sessions, for the rest of Term 2. It’s just going to be near impossible to keep the tamariki socially distanced during our session, but, also, we don’t want any of you to feel like we need to rush back into everything again. So, we are looking to get back into it in Term 3, all going well!!  We will touch base during the next school holidays to confirm we’re all go, but, yes, keen to get back into our face-to-face sessions, from then.

We have started an online music session, every Thursday morning at 10.30am, which we’ve been enjoying and has been a great way to stay connected with our families!  We’d love to get some advertising behind this session, as we are looking to continue them, even when we start our community sessions up again. I will pop the link down, below, and give you a quick run-down. 

** THURSDAY morning LIVE music session: Only $2 to join us for a fun, engaging and interactive session. All families need to do is sign-up to the platform (which is just an email address, name and password), then select the $2 option, enter credit/debit card details, and they’re in!  If they do this before the 10.30am Thursday session, then all they need to do on the morning, is log back in, and our music or faces will pop up on their screen! 

** On-demand video of the week’s LIVE session (available for a week, from Thurs afternoon to Weds evening): If you miss the live session, or if Thursday mornings don’t suit, we also have an option to watch a recording of each week’s LIVE music session, AFTER our live stream. The link to this is posted, every Thursday, on our Facebook page, and on our website, and is available for viewing, anytime, until the following Weds. Viewing this video is again, only $2, and all you will need to do is click on that particular link, log-in, and enjoy!!  ❤️ 

https://iframe.dacast.com/b/155365/c/538888 (only active on a Thurs morning)

The Sumner Silver Band, which is comprised of a primarily older demographic, is not rehearsing at present. Given that a roomful of musical instruments that require wind to operate is likely to spread droplets into the air, it’s a wise move. Research shows that choirs have been implicated in spreading the virus for a similar reason.

Learning Exchange
Eve is working on the framework for this, though COVID-19 has put a dampener on setting up in-person gatherings because of social distancing requirements. We will continue to work towards this goal.

Seniors’ Project
Maree is working on finding solutions to the problem of bringing together seniors for outings and movie afternoons that do not put them at risk. She continues to work closely with vulnerable seniors and this week was able to return to making home visits.

The Sumner Community Gardens team is back to holding regular Tuesday morning sessions, although strict social distancing measures are in place. For the next couple of weeks, they are asking for newcomers to hold off on coming until they are happy with how the social distancing measures are working.

Happy Hour: This won’t be happening for a while yet due to COVID-19.

A big thank you to everyone who supported their local seniors during lockdown and level 3.

Warm regards,
Eddie Hayes