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Newsletter 23 September 2020

Kia ora everyone, 

It’s almost summery here today. After a challenging year, it’s good to see the warmer weather, and we’re at Alert Level 1. 

Happy Hour
Happy Hour is back on as of 2 October. It runs between 4-6pm and the speaker will be Mark Gibson. Mark will be talking on the topic of “Around Our City in Nine Amazing Days – our path less travelled; the 360 Christchurch Trail”. 

A big thank you in advance to Deirdre and Susan who will be looking after the refreshments for this session as Liz and I will both be away. 

Loopy Tunes
Loopy Tunes is back on Tuesday 13 October for term 4.

As the room we usually use in the Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre will be used as a polling booth that week, we are moving our Sumner session to Redcliffs as a one off. 

Both 13 October sessions will be held in the Port Hills Uniting Parish’s Church hall at 4 Augusta Street, Redcliffs. 

First session: 9.30am (replacing our regular Sumner session)
Second session: 10.30am (our usual Redcliffs session).  

There will be morning tea and a play time for the children immediately following each session. 

From October 20 onwards, our 9.30am session will return to Puoro-raki in the Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre until the end of term 4. 

Our Community Carols is coming up on Thursday 10 December 2020. I am seeking volunteers for two aspects of this event:

  1. Leading the singing. Rosemary Neave did a wonderful job last year but is unavailable this time around. If you enjoy singing and have the confidence to lead the massed singing, acting as MC and host, I would like to hear from you. 
  2. Sound. We need someone who can collect the sound system from the Sumner Hub, set it up, operate it throughout the event, and then return it to the Hub afterwards. Paul Bolger volunteered to do this for us for some years but sadly we lost him earlier this year.

If either of these roles suits you, please let me know as soon as you can. 

Did you see the article in today’s Bay Harbour News about the Bays Area Seniors’ Project? If you haven’t it’s on page 14. You can visit the digital edition here https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/64349215/bay-harbour-september-23-2020   or pick up a copy from collection points around the area. 

Also featuring in today’s Bay Harbour News is a lovely photograph on page 2 of Sumner Bays Union Trust board member Lydia MacKinnon and one of our regulars, Brian, at Redcliffs Coffee & Conversation. 

Ngā mihi,
Eddie Hayes
Community Development Team Leader



Newsletter 28 August 2020

Kia ora everyone, 

Spring is nearly here! It’s great to see blossom coming out. 

As we are at Alert level 2, the decision has been made to cancel the September 4 Happy Hour event. At the August event we had 30 people, which was fantastic. We even had an appearance from a bright blue haired rather wicked angel in keeping with the midwinter Christmas theme of the night. It was great to have Kevin Hay talk about his work conserving heritage variety apricot trees. Part of what was once the Redcliffs Community Garden main bed will be converted to an apricot tree nursery (small trees as opposed to selling them), with permission from the Port Hills Uniting Parish. Thank you Kevin and thank you to the Port Hills Uniting Parish for making this space available. As many of the regulars at Happy Hour are over 80 years old, we felt it was important to put their health first. If we are back to Alert level 1 in October we will definitely be continuing Happy Hour then. 

It’s that time of year again: Sumner Bays Union Trust will be holding its 2020 AGM on Wednesday 25 November at 5pm. This is likely to be upstairs in the foyer at the Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre around the big table. 

The 2020 edition of the Bays Area Community Directory is due to be published following the election. This has required a significant amount of work, including updating, but it has been made so much easier because I was able to use much of the emergency information Robin Arnold collated two years ago. Thank you Robin. 

Loopy Tunes is going well, though with an understandable drop in numbers during Alert Level 2. Following resuming sessions on 21 July, we had as much money donated by parents/caregivers as we did in the first half of the year. I suppose it equated to a similar number of active sessions (February – mid March). We are still keen to have someone to support the Sumner session. 

The Learning Exchange is in the process of starting up, with its launch in the next couple of months. We are seeking 4-5 volunteers from across the Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Heathcote Valley and Woolston areas to act as coordinators for learning events. The job description is here:  LE Volunteer Role Description This will take the burden off existing paid community development staff, and should be quite enjoyable for the volunteers themselves. Eve is doing a great job getting the Learning Exchange set up. 

Don’t forget that if you are using public transport, from Monday you will be expected to be wearing a mask. If you haven’t downloaded the NZ COVID-19 tracer app you can find it on Google Play Store and the Apple App store. Links are on this website:  https://tracing.covid19.govt.nz/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0eP6j6a86wIVBqqWCh2cTwe2EAAYASAAEgINOPD_BwE

Every business, community organisation, church, or other public-facing entity is required to have the QR codes displayed. I admit I got overexcited and did one for our office before being told that if you’re in a building which already has them, you don’t need to display your own ones, but it was an interesting – and easy – process to go through. 

From Sumner Redcliffs Anglican Parish via Redcliffs Residents’ Association website: 

Question the Candidates – 1st September
Whatever the date of the election, we know who our local candidates will be. So come and ask them the difficult questions! This session will focus on a Q&A format so send your questions to curate@sumred.org.nz by 28th August or ask on the night. Then come to Matanui (Main Hall) Redcliffs School on Tuesday 1st September, 7pm to 8.30pm. 

Nga mihi,
Eddie Hayes
Community Development Team Leader