Update 23 March 2020

Hi everyone, 

We’re certainly living in interesting times! As a result, we’ve had to suspend all our group activities unless they take place online. 

Suspended indefinitely

  • Loopy Tunes – both sessions
  • Coffee & Conversation (Redcliffs)
  • Tea & Talk (Sumner)
  • Happy Hour (Redcliffs)
  • All Sumner Silver Band practices and performances
  • Seniors’ outings
  • Seniors’ movie afternoons

Maree McGovern, our Older Persons’ Worker will be continuing to work with seniors. However, she is taking precautions and will reassess this day by day. We may quickly move to phone-only contact as the days go on. 

I will continue to work out of our office, on my own for the most part.  All Council community facilities are closed and since we are located in one, I will have very limited contact with other people. The risk to me (and to others) is very low. I will reassess this on a day to day basis. 

Some useful resources

Note that all people aged 70 and above are recommended to self-isolate and avoid leaving home. This goes for people with medical conditions, including having compromised immune systems (including those who have cancer or any autoimmune disorder), heart conditions, are pregnant, or have respiratory conditions such as emphysema, COPD or severe asthma. According to what I have been reading, if you have mild asthma, simply ensure you keep your inhalers on hand. 

Port Hills Uniting Parish and Sumner Redcliffs Anglican Parish are no longer holding services. 

Please do look out for your neighbours, friends and family/whanau: while we must take care to remain physically distant, let’s stay socially connected whether that’s by talking in person (but don’t go too close!) or giving them a ring or a message on whatever online services you both use. 

Keep an eye out for people who should be self-isolating but aren’t. This is crucial for the containment of this disease. If you’ve returned to New Zealand within 14 days, you are required by law to self-isolate. The police are acting where there are cases of this not occurring. 

Find ways to entertain yourselves. Going for a walk so long as you keep  your distance from other people is absolutely fine, even if self-isolating. Just keep your hands clean and don’t touch too much stuff you know other people will touch unless you’re ready to disinfect it. The government websites above have good information about how to self-isolate. Those of us who have dogs know full well that we’ll need to make sure they get their walkies so they don’t become terrors on four legs. Even my seven year old Chihuahua cross gets up to mischief if he doesn’t get out of the house. 

On that cheerful note, take care of yourselves, stay safe, and try to enjoy yourself,
Eddie Hayes
Community Development Team Leader
Sumner Bays Union Trust
027 781 1348