Nurturing & Supporting

The Community

Welcome to Sumner Bays Union Trust, a cornerstone of community support and engagement in Sumner, Redcliffs, and Mt Pleasant. Since 2008, we’ve been dedicated to fostering a strong, cohesive community through a variety of inclusive and impactful initiatives.

Our Organisations

Discover the diverse range of community groups and initiatives under the Sumner Bays Union Trust, each playing a unique role in enriching and strengthening our local community.

Food Forest

Our community gardens are not just about growing plants but nurturing relationships and educating on sustainability and environmental care.


He Mara Kai (Food Garden)

A volunteer run no dig garden producing food, hosting workshops, and promoting sustainable practices and relaxation.


Hua Whenua (Sumner Community Orchard)

A vibrant space for fruit trees and educational workshops on horticulture, emphasizing community and growth.


Music and Movement

Engaging music and movement sessions for under 5s, celebrating cultural heritage with family friendly, koha entry gatherings.


Older Person’s Programme

Dedicated to enhancing seniors’ lives through community integration, regular social events, and supportive outreach services.


Richmond Berry Garden

Community berry garden offering fresh fruit, family activities, and regular working bees in a picturesque setting.


Sumner Community Garden

A volunteer led garden applying organic principles, offering weekly gardening sessions and communal tea times.


Sumner Silver Band

Historic band with over 30 players, fostering musical talent and performing at local events and ceremonies.


Morgans Valley Bird and Bush Regeneration Project

This project is managed and run by five local residents to regenerate native bush, flora and bird life within our urban space, in cooperation with the City Council.


How You Can Get Involved

If any of these groups or projects appeal to you we would love for you to approach any of the groups by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator via email addresses listed under Our Organisation Tab. Or contact us via our Coordinator on 0274 330 008. By joining up you will become a member of the Trust and connect with likeminded community members who want to get involved like you or are involved.